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  • Elementary Strings Solo Winner Eliana Kovacova David Kovac (AMTA), teacher  Elementary Strings Ensemble Winner Eliana Kovacova and Joshua Kovac David Kovac (AMTA), teacher  Elementary Strings Concerto Winner Shilo Wang Galina Timofeev (SMMTA), teacher  Junior Strings Solo Winner Jade Ward Galina Timofeev (SMMTA), teacher  Senior Strings Solo Winner Seong-Min Jeong Ann Rylands (CMTA), teacher  Senior Piano Grade 9 Winner Joshua Stanczak Sharon Stanczak (MTMTA), teacher  Senior Piano Grade 12 Winner Nicholas Stigall David Brunell (KMTA), teacher  Senior Piano Ensemble Winner Henry Shen and Melody Guo David Brunell and Celeste Varagona (KMTA), teachers  Senior Piano Concerto Winner Sean Yang Yukiko Whitehead (GMMTA), teacher
  • Front Row  Junior Woodwinds Solo Winner Matthew Kim Myung Kim (WTMTA), teacher  Junior Woodwinds Concerto Winner Marissa Liu Myung Kim (GMMTA), teacher  Back Row  Senior Woodwinds Solo Winner Hwan-Gyu Baek Cindy Kim (KMTA), teacher  Senior Voice Winner Olivia Preshong Yvonne Blair (AMTA), teacher  Senior Piano Grade 10 Winner Aidan Hartman David Brunell (KMTA), teacher  Senior Piano Grade 11 Winner Sean Young Yukiko Whitehead (GMMTA), teacher
  • From left to right: Elementary Piano Grade 4 Winner Colin Xie Heather Conner (NAMTA), teacher Junior Piano Grade 6 Winner Dannie Dong Yukiko Whitehead (GMMTA), teacher Junior Piano Grade 7 Winner Marissa Liu Cathal Breslin (GMTA), teacher Junior Piano Grade 8 Winner Luke Turner Heather Conner (NAMTA), teacher
  • Left to right  Elementary Piano Grade K/1 Winner Elijah Kilmon Shari Stoner-Harris (MTMTA), teacher  Elementary Piano Grade 2 Winner Mito Mori Kikue Yamada  (KMTA), teacher  Elementary Piano Grade 3 Winner Rosalyn Bao Judith Fairchld (GMMTA), teacher  Junior Piano Ensemble Winner Jeng Yee and Hongkam Chan Luann Forrell (GMMTA), teacher  Elementary Piano Ensemble Winner Harrison and Catherine Shao Judith Fairchld (GMMTA), teacher  Junior Piano Concerto Winner Yuka Yang Yukiko Whitehead (GMMTA), teacher

TMTA seeks to raise standards of music teaching and performance in the state,
to cultivate fraternal relations among members of the profession, to support members in all matters pertaining to their profession, to develop productive relationships with school and community organizations, and to promote accreditation for qualified music teachers in Tennessee.

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MTNA/TMTA Fall 2018 Competition Results

2018 National MTNA Performance Competitions Results

Congratulations to the following students and teachers!
MTNA Junior Woodwind Winner
Matthew Kim
Teacher: Myung Kim, GMMTA

MTNA Chamber Music String Winner
Music City Quintet
Coach: Cornelia Heard, NAMTA

MTNA Young Artist Voice Winner
Lauren Urquhart
Teacher: Amy Jarman, NAMTA