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Music Teachers National Association
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TMTA Executive Board and Local Associations

TMTA is governed by its Executive Board, which meets three times a year. In addition to the officers and committee chairs, the Board also includes the local presidents of the fourteen local music teacher associations across the state.

Executive Board:
Officers and
Committee Chairs

Dr. Melissa K. Rose

Immediate Past President
Kathryn M. Stimson

Jerilyn Paolini

Executive Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Olivia Ellis, NCTM

Recording Secretary
Janice Lumpkin

Competitions Coordinator
Dr. Elaine A. Harriss, NCTM

Chamber, Vocal and Instrumental Co-Chairs
David Kovac

Xin Gao

Collegiate and Adult Piano Chair
Dr. Arunesh Nadgir

Senior Piano Chair (June TMTA Competitions)
Dr. Ryan Fogg, NCTM

Senior Piano Chair (Fall MTNA Competitions)
ChiHee Hwang

Junior Piano Chair
Dr. Esther Park

Elementary Piano Chair
Lora Gubanov

Arts Awareness and Advocacy
Deanne W. Irvine, NCTM

Auditions and Competitions
  Syllabus/Musicianship Tests
Barbara S. Hildebrand

Janet E. Sump, NCTM

Collaborative Performance
Fay S. Adams, NCTM

College Faculty
Karen Ann Krieger

Compliance Officer
Kathryn M. Stimson

Dr. Jerome Reed

Directory Editor
Luann Forell, NCTM

Janice Lumpkin

Rachel C. Acuff

Local Association
Joy Morgan Whetstone, NCTM

Dr. Terry McRoberts, NCTM

MTNA Foundation
Judy F. Warrington, NCTM

Newsletter Editor
Karen M. Caldwell, NCTM

Dr. Philip Autry

Collegiate Chapters
Dr. David E. Brunell, NCTM

TMTA Scholarship Awards Endowment Fund
Valerie Middleton

Web Contact
Dr. Cahill Smith

Sandy Triplett

Local Association Presidents
and Collegiate Chapters


Appalachian MTA (AMTA)
Leigh Stringfield

Athens Area MTA (AAMTA)
Martha McCampbell

Chattanooga MTA (CMTA)
Sally Powell, NCTM

Dickson Renaissance MTA (DRMTA)
Wes Ramsay

Greater Memphis MTA (GMMTA)
Sandy Triplett

Knoxville MTA (KMTA)
Lisa Dunn

Martin Area MTA (MAMTA)
Dr. Elaine A. Harriss, NCTM

Middle Tennessee MTA (MTMTA)
Dr. Adam L. Clark

Nashville Area MTA (NAMTA)
Jama Reagan

Ocoee MTA (OMTA)
Margaret Ann Randolph

Plateau Area MTA (PAMTA)
Shirley O’Connor, NCTM

Smoky Mountain MTA (SMMTA)
Julie Wright, NCTM

Upper Cumberland MTA (UCMTA)
Dr. Catherine Godes, NCTM

West Tennessee MTA (WTMTA)
Joy Morgan Whetstone


Carson-Newman University
Advisor: Dr. Ryan Fogg, NCTM

Chattanooga Area
Co-Advisor: Dr. Olivia Ellis
Bryan College

East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Dr. Benjamin D. Caton, NCTM

Middle Tennessee State University
Advisor: Dr. Adam L. Clark

The University of Memphis
Advisor: Dr. Kevin Richmond

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Advisor: Fay S. Adams, NCTM

Vanderbilt University
Advisor: Karen Ann Krieger